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Today's date is: Tuesday, May 30, 2023.

YUSA Export Import Mgt. CO. is ntroducing Global Market Complete Business Solution

Mirko Vukojicic owner and developer of

GMCBS is following up with the general international trade regulations and with specific export-import regulations of every particular country.
Every manufacturer, member of the GMCBS market, is inspected by our employee representative specialist to ensure product quality and product origin.
GMCBS intends to cut time between market demand and production, and readjust expenses in a cycle: manufacturer-transport-customer.
The goal of GMCBS is to make product final price chipper and affordable to more people worldwide.
Mirko Vukojicic has developed Global Market Complete Business Solution (GMCBS) and hope the goal will be achieved.

Program features:

  • Clear viewable design
  • Easy navigation
  • Easy to find product you are looking for
  • Easy ordering process
  • Order tracking process
  • Easy product publishing process
  • Compare your products
  • Review Market Demand
  • Suggest your product and category
  • Instant Buyer-Seller interactive communication and e-mail notification
  • Build your brand name

At the Global Market Complete Business Solution following service is available:

  • Complete Marketing Solution
  • Ordering and Order Tracking
  • Payment Solution
  • Export-Import Documentation
  • Container and Shipment Planing
  • Transport and Shipment Tracking
  • Whole process coordinated and supervised personally in every country

If you are in any of the following industries Please Log in; publish your products or search for available products.

  • Agriculture: Machinery, Seeds, Nursery, Cattle, Pets
  • Apparel: Cloths, Shoes, Underwear, Accessories
  • Drink and Food Industry
  • Electrical Equipment: Home, Kraft, Industrial
  • Energy: Chemical, Water, Wind, Solar, Fossil
  • Education: Toys and Books
  • Furniture: Home, Office, Hospitality
  • Hygiene: Personal, Home Industry
  • Information Technology and Electronics
  • Medical Equipment and Supply
  • Machinery: Industrial Machinery
  • Materials: Metal, Wood, Minerals, Textile, Chemical
  • Pharmacy: Medicine and Cosmetic
  • Sporting Goods and Entertainment
  • Safety Equipment
  • Transport: Passenger, Good Transporters

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